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The Force Unleashed

Hasbro Star Wars SDCC and PulseCon Figures Revealed

By Adam Pawlus — Wednesday, July 12, 2023

We had two reveals today. One (pictured) is Collider's 'The Book of Boba Fett's Black Krrsantan Heads to SDCC With Epic New Hasbro Figure [Exclusive], a $40 variant of a $28 pre-order you forgot you made already. Pre-order QR codes will be distributed at San Diego Comic-Con International next week. It is worth noting the variant has an alternate head, so you may want both versions or you may be perfectly happy with the cheaper (and I think better-looking) closed-mouth main line version. The pre-order for the standard release shows a lot of those accessories, so unless someone made an error the plussed-up more-expensive edition may not even be worth your while.

The other is Fandom's reveal of Starkiller Strikes in New Force Unleashed Star Wars The Black Series Figure Set, a $110.99 set that gives you two figures you got for around $19.99 in 2020 and one new figure. This one is slated for Hasbro's PulseCon event, which usually is a pre-recorded showing of new stuff over a weekend in September.

Star Wars Figure of the Day: Day 3,009: Stormtrooper Commander (Gaming Greats, The Vintage Collection)

By Adam Pawlus — Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Via the Star Wars Galactic Hunter Figure of the Day Blog: Stormtrooper Commander (Gaming Greats, The Vintage Collection). It's a figure we've had a couple of times before, but this one uses a newer mold and does a nicer job with the paint applications. But is it worth it at the "exclusive tax" mark-up? Read on!

First Look: Star Wars Toys R Us Exclusive Force Unleashed Sith, Troopers

By Adam Pawlus — Wednesday, August 3, 2011

In addition to the Delta Squad set (and the Vintage Y-Wing, a couple of smaller vehicles, the Stealth Operations Clone Trooper, and a few other items) Toys R Us just started stocking the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Sith & Imperial Troopers. 4 of the 5 figures appear to be new sculpts, and it's pretty good for $39.99.

Click through for a few images and impressions, after the break.

Hayden Blackman Leaves Lucasarts

By Adam Pawlus — Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hayden Blackman, best known as the creative force behind The Force Unleashed franchise, is leaving Lucasarts so says MTV's gaming blog.  Apparently the sequel is well on its way to being done in time for September, and nobody seems to be worried about everything hitting its mark.  You may wish to read more.