Hasbro Star Wars SDCC and PulseCon Figures Revealed

By Adam Pawlus — Wednesday, July 12, 2023

We had two reveals today. One (pictured) is Collider's 'The Book of Boba Fett's Black Krrsantan Heads to SDCC With Epic New Hasbro Figure [Exclusive], a $40 variant of a $28 pre-order you forgot you made already. Pre-order QR codes will be distributed at San Diego Comic-Con International next week. It is worth noting the variant has an alternate head, so you may want both versions or you may be perfectly happy with the cheaper (and I think better-looking) closed-mouth main line version. The pre-order for the standard release shows a lot of those accessories, so unless someone made an error the plussed-up more-expensive edition may not even be worth your while.

The other is Fandom's reveal of Starkiller Strikes in New Force Unleashed Star Wars The Black Series Figure Set, a $110.99 set that gives you two figures you got for around $19.99 in 2020 and one new figure. This one is slated for Hasbro's PulseCon event, which usually is a pre-recorded showing of new stuff over a weekend in September.

At this time, I don't yet know if additional exclusive items will be showing up for pre-order for Comic-Con timing but it's possible you may want to save your money just in case a non-exclusive Starkiller comes out too.  A lot of last year's PulseCon (repurposed SDCC exclusive) items were available on Hasbro Pulse for a while and some even got marked down on sale - not black Boba Fett, but others - so keep that in mind as you decide how and when to spend your money in the coming weeks.

While things change, it is worth noting that we may be witnessing the final form of the action figure business.  Comic books went from cheap newsprint to premium-paper things in the 1990s, with thicker cardstock, adult themes, and sometimes hologram or otherwise special covers.  Similarly, trading cards (non-sport, Baseball, and so forth) went from that charming cheap chipboard with gum to more expensive packs that cost a buck a card these days.   The action figure business has been getting more and more expensive, and Hasbro seems to be following the lead of Topps, Marvel, Dark Horse, IDW, and the rest by making a higher-quality, more-expensive product that meets the exacting needs of adult fans while completely disregarding a possible (and possibly evaporating) young audience.  It doesn't necessarily mean we'll stop seeing toys, but I can't say Topps' product offerings have seemed particularly accessible to those just wanting to buy a pack of movie cards on a Saturday afternoon with their allowances anymore.