NYCC: Carded Obi-Wan, Amidala, Quadrinaros

By Mike — Friday, October 14, 2011

There's a small update in the Hasbro booth this morning with carded Vintage Collection Amidala, Ben Quadrinaros, and the new Movie Heroes Obi-Wan Kenobi, which comes with a light up lightsaber and packaged in the new blue Maul packaging. Check back later today for more news and new stuff from the Hasbro panel!







You guys scooped it! Great pics of the carded TVC Queen Amidala and the amazingly detailed Ben Quadinaros! Thank you!

I'm probably gonna pass on the "Movie Heroes" figs, but those were nice carded photos as well. I'm guessing the number on Obi-Wan's forehead will not be standard once these things hit stores.

Thanks Edzo! Yep those

Thanks Edzo! Yep those numbers definitely won't show up on the final product!