HasLab Rancor: Over, Finished

By Adam Pawlus — Monday, December 6, 2021

The funding for the HasLab Star Wars™ The Black Series Rancor ended just under an hour ago, capping out at about 8,500 of a required 9,000 orders before numbers started reducing down to 832 (as of 9:49 PM Pacific) and the project was removed from the HasLab archive page. For now you can still see the pictures and copy for Malakili, and it is unknown what this means for future projects.

As it did not fund, we do not anticipate this project to see production, but it will be interesting if Hasbro tries to make a similarly sized - but simpler and cheaper - creature with less articulation at a lower cost. (I am not betting on it.)

What did Hasbro take away from this? The 6-inch completist contingent is lower than believed? That December is the wrong season for this kind of item? That everything that isn't 3 3/4-inch scale should be thrown into the woodchipper? We'll see in coming months as new projects are announced, and as we eagerly await the shipment of the Razor Crest in the coming months.