Available Now: Vintage 1970s-Style Kenner Grand Moff Tarkin Action Figure (with disposable board game)

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, May 5, 2019

3707 The very, very long-awaited Grand Moff Tarkin in 3 3/4-inch 1978-style has arrived at Target stores.  Use DPCI 087-06-0431 in-stores or this link for availability.  It's $19.99 and packed in a remake of the "Escape the Death Star" board game, which was produced by Kenner in late 1977 in order to get something, anything, on shelves thanks to its lack of tooling.  It's basically a $7 protective shell around Tarkin's 6x9-inch cardback, pre-punched, faux-weathered, stickered, and complete with a blaster pistol that's pretty darned convincing as almost an original.

We'll get more on Tarkin in Figure of the Day's next open slot - due to business travel, that isn't this week - but he's pretty good. The head is new, the legs seem mostly new, but the arms and torso are clearly derived from The Empire Strikes Back Imperial Commander figures.  In particular, you'll notice Tarkin has the same glove sculpting markings on the hands and several of the folds on the torso match that of the generic officer.   New sculpted elements and changes are visible on all parts, leaving me to wonder if they got their hands on Gentle Giant's jumbo figure scans and altered those to suit their needs.  Tarkin's rank badge and code cylinders are updated, and the belt is strangely less detailed than my vintage figures.   Anyway, more later, go out and buy this figure right now so Hasbro gets a loud-and-clear message to make more of the unproduced Vintage-style figures.