Lost Line Exclusive Pics

By Mike — Thursday, May 3, 2012

Carded photos of the "Lost Line" wave of The Vintage Collection figures have been posted at Sandtroopers.com. As we first reported at Toy Fair, this wave includes a character from each Episode of the Star Wars saga.

"The Lost Line" card design was prototype art once considered by Kenner before they decided on the now classic black and chrome look. These will first be offered as a Comic-Con 2012 exclusive packaged in a special Bespin Freezing Chamber set along with a Jar Jar Binks in Carbonite. While the Bespin Chamber packaging and Jar Jar Carbonite will be exclusive to Comic-Con, the 6 figures will be offered in both the "Lost Line" cards and standard Vintage Collection cardbacks at regular retail distribution.

The 6 figures are:

Episode I - Jar Jar Binks

Episode II - Phase I Clone Trooper Lieutenant

Episode III - Phase II Shock Trooper

Episode IV - Sandtrooper

Episode V - Bespin Leia

Episode VI - Darth Vader (Emperor's Wrath)


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What's up with the picture of

What's up with the picture of the vehicles? It seems too random...maybe if the figure came with that vehicle (or something like that). They should've just gone with a bigger character photo.

These cards are pretty fugly.

These cards are pretty fugly.

Ha ha...aren't you glad they

Ha ha...aren't you glad they went with the black and chrome?

Good observation. I dont mind

Good observation. I dont mind it, but I see what they were trying to do. A larger character photo or specific scene with the character perhaps?

I'm thinking the "lost" line

I'm thinking the "lost" line could be the NEW line... post-Vintage?

This Lost Line look is an

This Lost Line look is an offshoot, UGH type deal of The Vintage Collection. It remains to be seen if Droid Factory will be consolidated under the main MH/CW packaging theme or be distinct on its own like TVC. Looking forward to SDCC and CVI for the reveals.