SDCC14: Hasbro Official Images

By Mike — Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hasbro provides us with official photos of their 2015 reveals from yesterday's panel. Click here to check them out!



Am I the only one underwhelmed by Hasbro's presentation. I mean Hasbro reps said at ToyFair that collectors would soil themselves by what they intended to reveal at SDCC. I just don't see what's so mind-blowing!? I mean announcing that they would ship some new figures to actual brick and mortar stores (if it actually happens) is quite impressive after the worst couple of years of Hasbro collecting, but I haven't seen anything that is Imperial Troop Transport medium sized vehicle based off the vintage mold that doesn't even appear to have rolling wheels on the bottom and some 3.75 and 6 inch scale figures that don't look like they were painted by a three year old in China...seriously?! Maybe I'm missing Hasbro's big reveal?! Any thoughts?