Quick Rundown: Amazon Vintage Hasbro Star Wars TIE Interceptor Vehicle

By Adam Pawlus — Friday, September 13, 2013

So I got the new Amazon Exclusive Vintage Collection TIE Interceptor here, and the big question I've been hearing - a lot - is "is it different?" The answer is yes, actually - the plastic color is different enough from other movie versions of the ship to be notable, so let's find out more.

The ship is based on the latest tooling, meaning it has the ejector seat in the cockpit. This innovation was in the Toys R Us exclusive version from The Legacy Collection, which you can see in this picture.  The lighter of the two is the new 2013 release.


It's worth noting the new TIE Interceptor's plastic color is similar to (but lightly lighter than) the 181st Elite TIE Interceptor, except that release has a large, red stripe across the wing. (Picture not shown, author lazy.) Unsurprisingly, it's not an exact match for any other TIE vehicle in terms of coloration.


Deco is surprisingly different from the previous release. Light grey accents appear on the body, but many are in new and different places compared to the rest of the TIE Fighter and Interceptor fleets. It looks good.


My sample came boxed from Amazon quite nicely - there was an outer brown cardboard box, with a white mailer box, and the Vintage Collection Return of the Jedi remake faux retro package inside that.  Considering it shipped for free, you really couldn't ask for anything more.

Is it worth the $50? Given inflation and the lack of a pilot, it's on the low end of "yes." It's not all that different from previous releases, and the ejector seat is a perfectly acceptable way of getting the figure in his seat to stay put. Of course, you can't easily go buy a pilot right now, but that sort of thing has been par for the course in this line for the bulk of its history.   If you don't have a TIE Interceptor, just click the link below and grab it.  If you do, well, I certainly can't help myself buying more unnecessary TIE repaints.