New Star Wars Hasbro Scanning Crew Kmart Exclusive Images

By Adam Pawlus — Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Since 2009, fans have asked "So when will Hasbro release the other scanning crew guy and the rest of the equipment?" Teased at Toy Fair, not one but two stories are showing off this soon-to-be-released if not out before you know it Imperial Scanning Crew from Hasbro.   Two sets are coming, and you'll need to buy both to get all the troopers at Kmart in the very near future.

First up: has in- and out-of-package photos of both sets.


Next up: Jedi Defender has an extended look at test shots of the new gear pieces!  There's an opening lid.  Who knew?


There are very few sculpted, revealed, and unreleased figures in this line, so go ahead and cross one more off the wish list.  We'll have more about this item from Comic-Con next week, unless we get surprised and it shows up in stores first.  (Stranger things have happened!)