Gentle Giant Comes Up with Magnitude and Attitude for SDCC

By Mike — Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gentle Giant always tends to offer something nifty and desirable for the summer convention exclusives, like their 3D Yoda and Jumbo Blue Snaggletooth from 2012. For 2013's Comic-Con International, the creative artists from Burbank have announced FIVE Comic-Con exclusives (thus far), with two Star Wars offerings that are bound to be on top of your exclusives wishlist.

It's been over 10 year's since GG released their original Boba Fett minibust, which remains one of the favorite pieces in many collections. As their fifth Comic-Con exclusive, Gentle Giant will be revisiting the galaxy's most notorious bounty hunter as deluxe minibust this time around ($150, Limited to 2500 pieces), with interchangeable arms to allow for a few poses. Fett will also be packaged in an awesome Mandalorian emblazoned tin to make it that more special. And yes, he doesn't come with a removable or helmetless version as should be.









With Hasbro's Black Series Boba Fett and Han Carbonite also being offered at the show, Galactic Hunter's patron saint is well represented at Comic-Con.

The second Star Wars exclusive announced is quite special, amazing, and should stand out in any collection display. The "Magnitude" Admiral Ackbar ($175, Limited to 500 pieces), as strikingly envisioned in canvas by artist Steven Daily, is now being offered in minibust form for SDCC.





The minibust stands 8 inches tall and comes in a screen printed wooden box with a limited edition 4x6 lithograph by Acme Archives.

If you're a not a Premier Guild member yet, then you should be to pre-order yours today. Magnitude Ackbar is already sold out for PG pre-order.

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