Preview: Yoda With 3D Glasses Minibust

By Mike — Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gentle Giant has always been pretty ingenius when it comes to their Holiday Edition busts. We can usually expect some kind of twist on a Star Wars theme like a or Holiday Max Rebo or Yakface. However, when it comes to their summer convention exclusives, it's been an overwhelming offering of Clones and Troopers. There's perfectly sensible reasoning behind this, since these types of minibusts normally sell through fairly well. For the 2012 convention season, starting with this month's WonderCon, Gentle Giant takes a different approach and offers a piece that is fun, whimsical, commemorative, and what Adam Pawlus refers to quite appropriately as an iconic cultural touchstone.

The WonderCon exclusive Yoda with 3D glasses is Gentle Giant's fourth release of the Jedi master in minibust format, the last one being 2007's Celebration IV exclusive Spirit of Yoda.This minibust celebrates the release of The Phantom Menace in 3D by featuring the venerable Jedi Master munching down on some popcorn from the aptly named Obi-Wan Cinemas. The 3D glasses, with red and blue cellophane lenses, actually work if you have the head the size of a Ken doll, but nicely scaled for the minibust. Removing the glasses reveals a strikingly accurate head sculpt of Yoda. Gentle Giant utilizes their scan technology effectively with this piece, but thinking about it, their AOTC and ESB versions were quite good as well. Paintwise, we can sum it down to the detail in the eyes and fingers, which look astonishingly organic.

Yoda comes with a certificate of authenticity and is limited to only 1200 pieces for WonderCon The sticker on the box does say in general terms that it's a 2012 Convention Exclusive, but Gentle Giant doesn't expect to have too much left, especially since they are offering him on a first come first serve basis to their Premier Guild members, who will have Yoda shipped to them after the event. Gentle Giant also plans on having exclusives specifically for Comic-Con and Celebration VI, which we can't wait to see revealed.

We like convention exclusives that are memorable. Something that represents an event where 5-10 years from now you can look at it and say, "Oh yeah, that was a fun time, had a blast, spent all this money, but this is something really cool to show for it." I still have my 2001 Power of the Jedi Tour pins and the original 2002 Toy Fair Darth Vader displayed in my collection and can imagine feeling the same way about this piece once I attend WonderCon. It's just that cool.



Edition Size: 1200 pieces
UPC: 871810 009114
Item: 80200

Includes: Removable 3D Glasses, Certificate of Authenticity
Retail: $60.00
Released: March 2012

Description:  To celebrate the return of 1999's Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D, Gentle Giant presents a special commemorative exclusive Yoda minibust. This highly-detailed, film-accurate, collectible puts the Jedi Master in a theater seat, with a box of "Obi-Wan Cinemas" popcorn and a removable pair of "3D" styled glasses which sport real red and blue cellophane gel lenses. This hand numbered limited edition is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity. [MORE IMAGES]