Comic-Con: LEGO Advent Calendar Exclusive

By Mike — Wednesday, July 20, 2011

LEGO unveiled their 2011 Comic-Con exclusive this year with little fanfare and at a first come first serve basis. Foregoing the raffle system of previous years, LEGO is offering a specially packaged edition of their upcoming 2011 Advent Calendar. The set features 6 minifigures, including an exclusive Santa Yoda.

While the set itself is slated to be released in retail later this year, the special holiday themed outer packaging and mini-poster are exclusive to the Con. This Con exclusive is priced at $50 each and limited to 1000 pieces total, which will be allocated each day to be sold at the LEGO Comic-Con booth.


799 LEGO SDCC Exclusive


800 LEGO 2011 Advent Calendar


801 SDCC Exclusive Mini-Poster


Man, I love Lego! I hope the

Man, I love Lego! I hope the exclusive is this good if I ever make it around to SDCC some year. Maybe I'll get real lucky and they'll come to NYCC with these....
(I know, keep dreaming!)