Comic-Con: Hasbro Panel Blaster Points

By Mike — Friday, July 22, 2011

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and in Hasbro's case, sometimes repackaged. The Hasbro's Comic-Con panels normally provides good copy and there were a few nice revelations, and this session provided a mixed bag. For whatever it's worth, the Star Wars line is entering a 16th year of modern iteration and most screen characters have been done again and again...and again. And while there's a sense of older collector fatigue, there's a new generation out there fascinated by the television series which provides a nicely done gateway to the more larger, expanded Star Wars universe. This shifting demographic became evident during the Q&A session, where most of the questions were asked, and quite expertly we might add, by a few tykes under eight.





The Vintage line continues through 2012 with a mixture of old and new, a focus on The Phantom Menace for the 3D re-release, and a new cardback inspired by the classic Kenner"12 back". Here are a few of "Blaster Points from the panel.



- Collectors will be happy, or sad, to know that Wave 8 consisting of Dr. Evazan, Kithaba, Nom Anor, the Naboo Pilot, and Aayla Securawill be released later in 2012.

-Serpias can be removed from the suit.

-Harder to find Vintage figures will be re-released, including Wedge. Hasbro looks to improve distribution.

-Wave 5 will be the "Revenge of the Jedi" wave featuring both "Revenge" and "Return" cardbacks. The "Revenge backs will be somewhat more chase-ier. The figures in this wave include most of what's included in the SDCC Death Star Revenge exclusive. Look for this wave in October.

-Target - the second wave of Vintage 3 Packs (Android, Imperial, and Villain) should be available now. Target will also receive the Tauntaun and Landspeeder. Both will be released in August

-TRU will be receiving the Ywing as well as an exclusive Spider Assassin Droid in August. The Spider Droid will include two babies.

-The Death Star Trench Run Battle Pack will be a TRU exclusive in time for their Big Book for October. Hasbro notes there are additional features and detail which differentiate these vehicles from previous versions including a new fuselage for the X-wing.

-Hasbro hints that the Tauntaun needs his rider. Finally a new Hoth Luke in 2012?

-TRU will receive a TFU 2 figure pack which will include Starkiller, Phobos, and a Navy Commando.

-There will be a TPM wave in January featuring Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ben Quadrinaros, a new and improved Battle Droid, new red gown Amidala, Padawan Anakin, and Darth Sidious.

-An ROTJ Deleted Scenes wave of figures will be released in February which will include Jedi Luke (Building new Lightsaber), Lando Skiff, General Cracken, Mon Calamari A-wing Pilot,

-In news that brings pain to collector's hearts, Wal-mart will be receiving an exclusive TPM wave to include Aurra Sing, Ric Olie, a new and improved Gungan Warrior, G8-R3 and Mawhonic.

-Target will be receiving a Battle of Naboo Battlepack and Pod Racer set in January.

-During the Q&A session, Hasbro hinted at a Mother Talzin and  Sith Witch figures. A new Speederbike is also slated for 2012.


More will be revealed by Hasbro at New York Comic-Con in October. Stay tuned for an update for readers to view and download the entire presentation once we receive it from Hasbro.