Adam's Star Wars Newsletter #4 - Carbonized, Accredited, and Retooled

By Adam Pawlus — Thursday, September 9, 2021

We're back!  Adam's Star Wars Newsletter #4 is ready to read.  Why should you read it?

It has things in recent Hasbro streams that you can't be bothered to sit for an hour and watch, in a format that you can skim through on your iPad on the toilet.  I'm here for you, fellow olds.  Highlights include: the HasLab Razor Crest delay, Macy's new toy section, an all-new Bib Fortuna, and so many of the new Hasbro announcements from over the summer in a handy checklist form - so you can see if any of it matters without wasting the amount of time it would take you to catch up on What We Do in the Shadows!  Aren't I thoughtful?

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ASWN was originally a newsletter I sent out via email in the dial-up era of the internet from 1995-2000.   It's just text.   It won't hurt you or add to your bandwidth problems.