Toy Fair 2020 - The Hasbro Star Wars Live Tweetening

By Adam Pawlus — Saturday, February 22, 2020

If you go to a good site, they'll no doubt put together great galleries with insightful, useful commentary - but since I was unable to squeeze in most of the areas where the good collector stuff was, we don't have pictures of everything.  I'm working on galleries now of some nifty new toys and we also have a text dump of my tweets from the Hasbro Media Day presentation.

Highlights: Walmart has retro Kenner for The Empire Strikes Back, pretty much a lot of it all leaked early, The Vintage Collection showed 2 figures (one reissue, one resculpt), and while there's a lot of interesting product - in every definition of the word - long-time collectors are unlikely to be feeling that this is Their year, even if it's an diverse batch of stuff.  And now, the unnecessary note sheet.

Sam Smith and Patrick Schneider are on deck to tell you about 40th Anniversary ESB and start with Galaxy of Adventures.

Galaxy of Adventures Ahsoka and Clone Trooper shown now. You've seen these.  Battle Bobblers are shown.  This might not be for adult collectors.  Jim Davis-esque. Boba, Han, Stormtrooper, C-3PO in addition to TLJ reveals earlier.

Star Wars Mission Fleet - new smaller scale vehicles. Darth Vader TIE Fighter tease. Millennium Falcon. X-Wing Fighter. AT-RT. Mando & Baby. Boba and Jetpack.

Mandalorian. Awkward dancing on stage.  Darksaber shown, you've seen this reveal a few days ago. Showing scene from show now.

The Child animatonic toy, which you saw revealed already.  We have been joking your mom will call it "Baby Yoda Furby." This is not a good joke.

The Child animatonic toy, which you saw revealed already.  We have been joking your mom will call it "Baby Yoda Furby." This is not a good joke.  40th ESB teaser video now. Remember this really old movie? Of course you do. It's 40 years old.

Hyperreal Luke Skywalker Bespin shown - this is the one that's $80. Hands, heads, all the parts. Boba Helmet, which you've also seen and is awesome and I hope you ordered one at @EntEarth. Light-up rangefinder.

40th ESB figures - which you saw leak out a month ago.  Bespin Luke, Hoth Leia, Bespin Han, Yoda, AT-AT Driver.  Luke has a new portrait. And thank goodness.

40th ESB Wave 2 - Lando Calrissian and a TIE Fighter Pilot.   Lando has photoreal deco.  TIE Pilot not obviously different. Muddy deco on R2-D2. Filthy. New photo, was not a Kenner original.  Hoth Rebel Soldier (40th ESB packaging)... scarf, blaster, backpack.  Separate goggles, scarf, rifles - you can "army build" with the one figure. Alternate portrait. Face stores in backpack? Hey, that's cool.  40th ESB Snowspeeder Luke. Shite gloves, boots.  Lightsaber. Helmet.  It's not the ANH X-Wing suit.  He has the flight cap! Nice.

Now they're talking deluxe. This is probably an intro for the Probe Droid.  It is.  This is up to order nowish.

Black Series package has Kenner ESB logo for the Probe Droid. But not a KENNER logo. It's very black.  TVC ESB Slave I getting redeco with display stand??? OK that's cool.  TVC Slave I has engine glow redeco.  

Retro Kenner Collection continues with ESB, which leaked via Walmart.  You get Boba Fett, Bespin Luke (he looks SO TAN), Hoth Leia (eyes look different?), Hoth Han, Yoda (loose one is brown snake, carded is orange), Lando.

Classic Ice Planet Hoth game reissue with carded Vintage-style Snowspeeder Luke figure with lightsaber, grappling hook. New mold!

Black Series Snowspeeder with Dak Ralter figure.

That's it for ESB. TVC continues. Jedi Luke from SDCC 2019 is getting a single card release.  "On correct cardback with correct hands and correct soft goods."

And the next one is the Power Droid. Yes, that The Power Droid.  It doesn't match the old Kenner figure though - it's a it's a bit different.  This reuses the opening chassis from a few years ago.

 New Force FX Lightsabers Elite - Darth Revan.  Force FX Elite Darth Revan Lightsaber.  New hilt, lathed aluminum.  Articulated metal fins. Removable blade?  Purple blade can turn to red. Clash effects, molten tip.  Kyber crystal inside.