SDCC Exclusive Black Series Boba Fett and Han Carbonite Revealed

By Mike — Friday, May 3, 2013

An awesome surprise pops up this morning as USA Today unveils the upcoming Comic-Con exclusive Black Series Boba Fett and Han Solo in Carbonite!

The galaxy's most notorious bounty hunter is now offered in a new, detailed, and well articulated 6 inch scale and accessorized with his signature Mitrinomon Z-6 Jet Pack, EE-3 carbine rifle, and a blaster pistol. And of course, he also comes with the ultimate accessory exclusive to the show: Han Solo encased in a carbonite block. Pricepoint is $44.99.

The Boba Fett figure will also be offered as a general release this fall with the debut of the new Black Series assortment.






Comic-Con International takes place July 18-21 in the San Diego Convention Center. Look for more news and updates to come from Galactic Hunter!

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BF Black

Ok so a Black Series figure cost $20 and this one is $45 at SDCC, so double that on the secondary market. I think I'll wait for the regular release sans Solo in Carbonite. Which I'm sure they'll release separate or with Solo sometime in the future