Toys R Us Exclusive Star Wars The Vintage Collection Republic Gunship Released

By Adam Pawlus — Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Toys R Us Exclusive Star Wars The Vintage Collection Republic Gunship is out now - it includes Yoda, a Clone Trooper, a Clone Pilot, 2 gunner pods, and a ship.  That's the good news, as our pal @MattGuzy confirmed he found on in Arizona on the Twitter.  The bad news?  It's $119.99.


For those keeping track of such things, the Republic Gunship first appeared in 2002 for $39.99, reappeared in 2003 for $29.99, and has typically sold for $50-$60 in most subsequent releases.  While this one does include a few extra pieces, they do not make this toy on par with the recent release of the AT-AT, which offers quite a bit more bang for the buck.


It is not uncommon for Toys R Us to mark up certain exclusive items significantly this time of year so it can "discount" them for its annual Big Toy Book, which should be appearing in about a month.  We've seen this with items like the Rise of Boba Fett Ultimate Battle Pack and the Death Star Trench Run gift set - I would strongly anticipate seeing this item marked down $20-$30, at least, between now and Christmas.  If for any reason this does not happen, rest assured that this item will likely be available for quite some time.

If you're a completist like me with a full collection of Gunships, I suggest doing what we do best - vote with your dollars, and wait until you have gift cards to burn or the price gets closer in line with what an item like this should cost.  By my estimates?

Republic Gunship - $60

Gun Pods x 2 - $12.50 each - $25

Clone Trooper - $6

Clone Pilot - $6

Yoda - $6


Total - $103

The $120 price tag is in line with the recent price increases we've seen on some items, so don't feel like a chump if you decide to go buy one - just remember, somewhere, collectors in 2002 and 2003 may be laughing at you a little bit.  Such is the price of progress.

The Republic Gunship is a fun toy - it has some nice features, well-integrated firing mechanisms, and decent troop storage plus seems like it was born to be piloted by the new, simpler Saga Legends Trooper figures.  It may also be cheaper than buying an old Gunship on eBay.