Super7 SDCC Alien Exclusives Stoke That Vintage Fire

By Mike — Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's not Star Wars, but shares the same Kenner DNA. Super7 is rolling out their new ReAction Alien action figure assortment that's based on the cancelled line from 1979 in eloquent style for SDCC. There are four exclusives altogether and two are FREE! 

The first exclusive is a nod to our own favorite action figure line in the form of an Alien "Early Bird" Package. A pre-order of the set of five vintagely styled and articulated figures also includes an "Early Bird" kit with a display stage, Space Club membership card, and a sheet of stickers.

The pre-order is $100 with shipping included.






Exclusive #2 is probably going to be the toughest to get given its limited quantities and high desirability factor. A "Discovered Sample" 2 Pack with Kane and Big Chap includes the two figures with 5 points of articulation and in unpainted prototype format. The two pack will come in a white "cancelled" sample packaging and priced for $40.




Exclusives 3 and 4 are free, and we're all about free swag at the show. Pick up a free ReAction Alien figure base just by signing up for the Super7 mailing list. 




Super7 will also be handing out a nifty 70s styled Alien catalog featuring all five of the reaction figures.

Be sure to visit Super7's booth 5245 at San Diego Comic-Con next month for all this wonderful vintage swag that is sure to appeal to nostalgic collectors who are fans of Kenner and the Alien franchise.

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Alien/Kenner figures

Wow they look amazing! I really wish it was figures like this that Hasbro was knocking out with their Star Wars line. I hope the new Saga Legends due later this year from Hasbro is the mark of a return to 5 point articulation figures for the Star Wars line ... just like the good old days. figures that can stand up, sit down, fit in vehicles, pretty much all the original Kenner SW line could do that :)

thanks for sharing this, I'd love to add all those figures to my SW toys, especially Ripley ... my vintage Leia's need more than just Kea Moll as girl friends :)