Star Wars Black Series 3 3/4-Inch Wave 4 Shipping Now

By Adam Pawlus — Friday, June 27, 2014

Sponsor Entertainment Earth started shipping Star Wars: The Black Series Wave 4 sets and cases this week.  We'll be looking at these next week in more detail, as is the way of our people.  As far as I know, major brick and mortar stores haven't put these out yet.  Click here to pre-order yours for a future shipment, if you haven't already.  (Order a case, get two full sets and free shipping!  Order a set, and get the set.)  Quick impressions after the jump.

Quick notes?  Sure.  Have these for now, I'll ramble at length next week.

Dagobah Luke is easily the most ambitious 3 3/4-inch Star Wars figure of all time, as each arm has 6 joints and swappable double-jointed hands.  The eyes are good, better than some early sample photos but not perfect.  Despite a couple of shortcomings - like flesh-colored hip joints - this is an ambitious figure showing great promise for the future of this line and scale.

Yoda is short for $10, but a pretty good sculpt and looks good in Luke's backpack.  Luke's backpack fits well with great straps and a belt, but is comically oversized.

Toryn Farr is the wave's sole all-new character.  She's great. The headphones are removable and fit well.

The Snowtrooper Commander is lovely, and you will want one.  The Han Solo blaster fits in a holster, and the hands pop off very easily.

Toryn Farr and Dak Ralter are reissues of older Vintage figures with the usual margin of error of barely-visible changes.  If you missed them, get these - save yourself some money as they're close enough for any but the hardcore "is this a real variant?" fans to enjoy.  Just look on the bright side - it's cheap for anyone looking to have an open sample of these two.