TOY PALACE: Hoth Assault Battlepacks and Vintage Wave 1 IN STOCK

By Mike — Sunday, July 25, 2010

Below you will find the latest products from our sponsors at TOY PALACE which came in or were added for pre-order within the last 7 days. New Star Wars items include the new 2010 Battle Pack assortment ( Hoth and Anti Hailfire Droid Squad)!

We wish you all a very nice week with our new product news.

IN-STOCK items sorted by manufacturer
Star Wars Single Duvet Set Empire
Item No.:ZALT0102  
Availability:in stockPrice:  39,90 EUR

Attakus Statue Han Carbonite Block
Item No.:AT02  
Availability:in stockPrice:  199,00 EUR

Yoda 7 Inch Bobble-Head Figure
Item No.:FK8249  
Availability:in stockPrice:  12,90 EUR

Sonic The Hedgehog 3D Chess
Item No.:GE0250  
Manufacturer:Gaya Entertainment  
Availability:in stockPrice:  39,90 EUR

Star Wars 2010 Battle Pack Sortiment 1 (4)
Item No.:94743-1  
Availability:in stockPrice:  119,90 EUR

CW Battle Pack: Anti-Hailfire Droid Squad
Item No.:19680  
Availability:in stockPrice:  32,90 EUR

CW Battle Pack: Clone Troopers & Droids
Item No.:19677  
Availability:in stockPrice:  32,90 EUR

Star Wars 2010 Battle Pack: Hoth Assault
Item No.:19679  
Availability:in stockPrice:  32,90 EUR

TVC Figure Asst. Wave 1-2010 (12 pcs.)
Item No.:97568-1  
Availability:in stockPrice:  139,90 EUR

Bioshock 2 AF Big Daddy Ultra Deluxe 20cm
Item No.:NECA44785  
Availability:in stockPrice:  19,90 EUR

AvP Serie 1 Action Figure Requiem Hybrid 18 cm
Item No.:NECA51402  
Availability:in stockPrice:  16,90 EUR




New PREDATORS items are online NOW !


New Products for Pre-Order sorted by manufacturer
Ghostbusters Spardose Marshmallow Man SDCC 26 cm
Item No.:DIAM81062  
Manufacturer:Diamond Direct  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  23,90 EUR

Ghostbusters Spardose Marshmallow Man TRU 26 cm
Item No.:DIAM81050  
Manufacturer:Diamond Direct  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  18,90 EUR

BruceLee HD MasterpieceStatue 70thAnniversary 41cm
Item No.:ENT1002  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  252,90 EUR

Harry Potter RAH 30 cm Figur
Item No.:S901126  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  239,90 EUR

BattleofCrete: German Paratrooper Premium 54 cm
Item No.:S300008  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  345,90 EUR

Predators Prop Repl: The Falconer Mask 40cm
Item No.:S400045  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  345,90 EUR

Iron Man Mark VI Figure 30 cm
Item No.:S901090  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  249,90 EUR

Yoda's Hut - Dagobah Environment 40 cm
Item No.:S100026  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  294,90 EUR

Jedi Mentor - Yoda 1:6 Scale Figure 13 cm
Item No.:S100025  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  74,90 EUR

She-Hulk Premium Format Figure 52 cm
Item No.:S7179  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  309,90 EUR

Terminator 2 T-800 Polystone Statue 52 cm
Item No.:S200088  
Availability:Pre-OrderPrice:  252,90 EUR


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