SL Vader Variant

By Mike — Monday, September 27, 2010

Our buddies at report a variant with the SL06 Darth Vader. First released with the BD08 sculpt, recent findings show a helmeted 500th Vader version now hitting the pegs. Happy Hunting!

SL Vader

Ok so this is going to be a little bit of rant but i have to say this.....

why do we need 3 Vaders currently clogging the pegs at the present time... yeaterday at Walmart I counted no less then 42 Vaders on the pegs out of 70 figures.... i mean i get that Vader is the main character of the saga and therefore needs to be present in the toy aisle to gain the interest of the new generation of kids who are growing up with Star Wars but seriously do we need 3 Vaders for kids to choose from....

i think Vader should have stayed in the Legends line and the Vintage Vader figure slot could have been used to give us a new figure such as Bespin Han.

sorry had to get that off my chest