Post-Comic-Con Posters & Goodies Giveaway

By Adam May — Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We will be monitoring [hint — encouraging] comments (for quality control, naturally) for a bit as we pack our bags and go through our checklists leading up to Celebration V in Orlando, FL.  Comments can lead to goodies like Hasbro's Star Wars posters from Comic-Con 2010 (and maybe even surplus posters going back a few years); a set (or more once we take stock) of those oh-so frame-worthy backer cards (from Hasbro, naturally); and whatever goodies we stumble upon along the way. As always, the most stylish replies win*.  (Void where prohibited, watch your language, prizes available while supplies last, and this offer is only valid in the continental United States. *Most stylish replies are determined by, well, me... so address to impress or something. Comic-Con freebies contest ends on August 10 because Celebration V travel and check-in is busy time.)


So did the posters come in yet?

Goodies? Goody!

Aw Snap! Go away for a week and suddenly everyone has delusions of grandeur! I hope I get into the contest in time, nothing like sneaking in on the last day! Also sweet AT-AT setup in yesterday's post. Have fun at CV!

Double snap with a twist!

I'm hoping that enough posters show up for everyone, but I depart tomorrow morning. I'll haven't the foggiest idea exactly what/how many will be available to send out. The cut off date is today, obviously, so I can pack. I wish everyone luck.

Hurry up, goldenrod! Or you're gonna be a permanent resident!

If the cut off gets slightly extended, I would be most grateful.

I worked at The Great Movie Ride for a semester, and on my last day in the Park, I rode Star Tours six or so times in a row 'til close (staying in my seat). And as cool as that was, I was always jealous of the cast members that worked ST and had "Tatooine" or "Bespin" etc., on their name tags as their "home".

Anyway, have fun down there! MT(de-humidifier)BWY


So when will the winners be announced? It says August 10th b8t is that the morning, night? When?
Thank you all for holding this contest!



Just waiting on the arrival of posters, etc. (I'd love to have one for everyone, but I can't make promises until I receive the goodies.) If they arrive while I'm at CV, I'll have my partner count them to see.


Always appreciate the chance

Always appreciate the chance for Hasbro giveaways! At least I can still read the site in classic view, which after giving the new format a chance,Oops, I guess I can't see new updates in the classic view I still prefer the black background. Either way, you guys haven't changed, which is all that really matters!


Marietta, GA

(Not) Back In Black


"Classic" GH is simply there as an archive of older material. (Hopefully the content will be ported over in the future.) As for the white-on-black, we have had endless complaints over the years that it was hard on the eyes (and, frankly, Frank, it looked dated). This is a little cleaner, and it's much easier for us (the crew) to work with. Don't consider it change, just evolution. We all like EVOLUTIONS [written giving a shifty look toward Rhode Island].

random stuff

Hey Adam,

While it was really jarring the first time, I do like the site makeover. Love the Figure of the Day content. your long view reviews on the line as a whole are great. I also really like your Monday Q&A section.

What I really want to thank you for is whatever "pull" you've had at EE in order to bring some of the best exclusives to use over the last few years. And as a big SW comic book fan, I really want to thank you for getting the final four Comic Book Two Packs out to us.


I'd also like to thank you for some free swag, but I don't know how thats gonna work out for me.

I think you mean Adam Pawlus


I'm the "Other Adam", but I'm sure Adam Pawlus appreciates the comments. I know he works very diligently to try to get as many cool toys out to collectors as he possibly can.

I'll start announcing WIN! once I know what quantity I'm working with, but one never knows what might turn up at Celebration V, so don't lose faith.

Adam (May)

Thanks for the chance!

Hi, Adam,

I'm afraid I don't have anything really pithy or clever to say. I'm just a big fan, I check GH everyday, seriously EVERYDAY, several times a day. A benefit of having a computer in front of me. So, I'd love anything that you guys can spare to send along. I'd happily pay for shipping, too. Does that help? Also, check out pictures of my Star Wars collection at:

Thanks again!


More cardbacks!!

Loved the free cardbacks from SDCC! Although I was not there I got my set on the cheap on Ebay and LOVE them! Hoping Hasbro goes ALL out for us at CV and makes the full set availible to us. PLEASE......Love you....

stylish? hmmm. but i do

stylish? hmmm. but i do visit GH daily for my fix. i think you need to mention the new GG vintage 12" figures sometime! did you pick the stormtrooper up at comic con?

A few questions?

Is there a limit to the amount of times you can post? Also how many things are going to be given away? When will we be contacted if (hopefully) we win? Thanks Adam

Sorta answers...

#1 - thanks to MIKE for getting the swag. I have no idea how many there are, but Mike is fast and stealthy. I'm sure there's a decent bundle. Post away. Post to Q&A. Post to anything. We enjoy wit (all of us - and that's RARE). Most importantly, we want YOU to know that Hasbro really does care. They really go all-out for collectors. (I'll take on any critics.)

The bare essentials

Unfortunately I don't have anything witty or overtly flattering to say right now (it's early and I haven't had my coffee yet ;op). I will say though that I enjoyed the pieces on SDCC GH had and I'm looking forward to coverage of CV. As jealous as I may be of all who get to go (and I am extreeeemly jealous), I hope you have a great time. Oh, and don't forget to take lots of pictures. :)


There will be pix... a lot of 'em. (I'll be having fun in my own way - drooling on the toys.)

Turned my wife over to the Dark Side of the Force


love your website and the Q&A are just awesome. I have great news I have finally turned my wife over to the Dark Side of the Force and she has agreed to go with me to CV next week. This will be her first Celebration experience (my second, attended CII) and I can't wait for her to experience the ultimate Star Wars party.

looking forward to seeing everyone at the convention and hopefully getting a pic with Carrie Fisher as well as an autograph...

love the coverage from SDCC keep up the amazing work and can't wait for CV.



Don't forget to take her to that Star Wars Wedding thingie (and get flowers). [After that, she'll pretty much have to.] The SDCC coverage was Mike's doing. He was working his iPhone like mad to bust out the news. We can't wait for Celebration V - but I couldn't convince my partner to go this time (well, yet). He doesn't enjoy the indentured servitude.

I wanted to take her to the

I wanted to take her to the Wedding chapel and have the Light Side ceremony (her idea really) but they are already completely booked up.... was really looking forward to it... hoping that perhaps they will let one more couple enter the chapel but not holding my breath....

just looking forward to having a great time at CV.


I'm glad I didn't drag my partner to Celebration V (since Prop 8 was ruled unconstitutional) only to find that there's no room at the, er, chapel? As someone who has "been there", I say write letters, make phone calls, and raise unholy SITH to get another commitment thingie opened! Not every geek is single!!!

Hi. all. I just joined up

Hi. all. I just joined up here, though I have been at Rebelscum for almost 2 years. I love the Figure Of The Day articles on here. I am a complete clonoholic and have a lot of them. I also love the EU as, I like to read, so I have been reading the books constantly, and finding out about my favorite characters. Surprisingly, even though I like clones my favorite time period is the New Jedi Order. Well I hope you consider this a creative entry and I hope I win something, anything for that matter! I have never been to a Celebration or Comic Con before so this would all be new to me.
Thank You for holding this Contest.

I need to cling to something

Do all subject lines need to be Smithy to count?
The coverage of SDCC was great. What I'd like to know, and I'll ask at CV, is why Hasbro pretends items that have photographs all over the web don't exist because it doesn't fit their calendar? The links to Niennubs tutorials are very much appreciated. (psst...this really is the best of the Star Wars toy sites, and it's appreciated that you do your own leg work when you can!)

Keep the EE exclusives coming!

Flattery will get you posters!

OK... I'm just giving this an educated guess, but I think Hasbro has contracts and things - as in perhaps THEY can't reveal or advertise something because a store wants to put their cool exclusive in their advert/circular. (That doesn't stop some rogue (in a good way) Sandtroopers from snagging something from China and making it work the corner.

Although I'm not that Adam. (There are two of us.) We all love EE exclusives no matter how insane Darth Squidhead seems. (I think the idea was to pack in as many Stormtroopers as possible there.) Feel free to nag Adam Pawlus endlessly about exclusives ideas. He loves to get e-mail. Lots of it. (I <3 lulz, sorry AP.)

I crashed down on the crossbar, and the pain was enough...

Hey Adam,

I don't think I have posted before or even contacted you, but I am a Morrissey/Smiths fan as well and will be attending CV. I have never been to any of the previous Celebrations, so do you have any insider tips for me? My wife has refused to accompany me, so I will be traveling from Pennsylvania to Florida - solo. I have enjoyed reading your rants over the years and hope I bump into you at CV.

Jason Walsh


I was writing a series of tips about Orlando, but whipping the site into shape for Comic-Con became the #1 priority. The best thing I can tell you is that I-4 (the main interstate that runs through Orlando) is called "The World's Largest Parking Lot" for a reason. AVOID it if you can. (If you're renting a car, spring for the extra GPS, and set it to avoid interstates, etc.)

As far as Celebration V goes, I'll be the guy having a panic attack (crowds) and probably eating anti-anxiety pills like candy. (Fear not, I have prescriptions for everything I take.)

Tips for Celebrations in general... watch their site for some sort of schedule and PLAN AHEAD. There's a lot to see and do, and everything moves quickly. (Oh and don't forget the Last Tour To Endor at Disney/MGM Studios. I'm going to miss the huge AT-AT.)


Hey Adam M.! Paul from JTA here! Love what you've done with the site! Hey, I still have those figures for you. E-mail me! I will probably miss you in Orlando. :( Hope all is well!