New Target Star Wars Exclusives Hitting Now, New Endcap

By Adam Pawlus — Friday, October 21, 2011

It's that time again!  Hasbro has 3 new Star Wars exclusives hitting Target stores now.  Get the lowdown, pricing, and DPCIs all after the break, and come back later this weekend for more details and pictures!

Vintage Vehicle Assortment - 087 06 1732 - $24.99

Search for Skywalker Battle Pack - 087 06 1749 - $24.99


It's worth noting that the Vintage Tauntaun is a box mostly filled with air, you could easily fit a second Tauntaun and some other goodies on there.


Even more notable is the fact of pricing-- as has been stated in our columns here before, Hasbro and their partners understand collectors will pay a premium price for a Vintage-style box, and as you can see here, we will.  The Tauntaun in the Vintage box has a cracked horn and slightly different deco form the version in the Search For Skywalker Battle Pack.  The Battle Pack also includes Han Solo, a Hoth Rebel Trooper, and an extra accessory for $24.99.  Obviously, this makes zero sense and any kid could tell you that paying the same for less is a stupid idea, but we're collectors, and this is our way.

Happy hunting this weekend!


Great summary. I saw these the other day and passed. $25, pulease. These things should be $15-$20 tops. Maybe even less since the Clone Wars small vehicle packs are about like $16 and come with a figure.