New Battle Over Endor Battlepacks

By Mike — Thursday, December 2, 2010

Right out of the climactic scene from Return of the Jedi comes these new and exciting packaged images of the forthcoming Battle Over Endor Battlepacks courtesy of JediNews UK.  

There are 2 sets featured. The first includes Lt. Oxixo (TIE Pilot), Sila Kott (Red 2 A-wing Pilot), R5-P9, and Lt. Ekelarc Yong (Gray 3 Y-wing Pilot). Set 2 has Major Mianda (Scythe One, TIE Pilot), Palso Thern (Blue One B-wing Pilot), R2-T7, and Grizz Frix Red 5 X-wing Pilot). 

These reportedly will be exclusive to ToysRUs for early 2011. Click here for the full scoop at JediNews!



Battle for Endor

can't wait to get these packs... been looking forward to these since the slide presentation at CV.... they looked amazing in the cases at the Hasbro booth and my mouth has been watering ever since... is it 2011 yet???