New 2012 Product At Hasbro, Price Changes

By Mike — Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hasbro updates their site with new product info and photos for their 2012 line. Of particular note are the new prices for The Vintage Collection ($9.99) and Clone Wars ($8.99) as well as their new Movie Heroes line ($8.99) which technically replaces Saga Legends in the hierarchy. What are your thoughts on Star Wars figures going up a buck? Post your feedback in our comment box! 

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I understand that the cost of everything keeps going up, and I understand that hasbro needs to pay their people good salary to keep designing cool toys, but come on. Hasbro is just hurting themselves. I used to get several figures, heck sometimes multiples to open and to keep in package but those days are long gone. Now with the new price increase, I may as well just stick to Sideshow, seeings that they too keep their prices (way) too high.

Not great news, but I'm OK with it

I knew this year would be bigger than usual for me. Since I love Phantom Menace, I was already expecting to spend much more this year. I'll be picking up all the TPM Vintage figures, Movie Heroes, battle packs, two-packs and both of the podracers.

I was already out because of crappy toys. Now I'm REALLY out!

I sold all prequel and CW garbage I had and only focused on a few OT items here and there. As long as Hasbro keeps focusing on prequel figures in TVC packages (a travesty in itself), I will continue to save money.

So, let's review. Hasbro decides to release a wave of figures from the worst film ever, AND they raise the prices.


Well I'm out

Well I'm out then. I've already cut back to the point where I was only buying very specific characters from very specific scenes or EU, but I'm not paying $10. I'll just grab the few that I want off eBay loose or something. I can't really think of many more figures I want them to make, anyway.

Price Adjustment Increase

I started collecting when figs were approx. $5.00 and now have doubled since then, basically pricing me out! Who can afford to collect anymore?