More TRU Vintage Exclusives, Multipacks, Slave I

By Mike — Monday, June 18, 2012

Just as your wallet takes a breather from the summer convention exclusive buying frenzy, Rebelscum has unloaded a fantastic report on some upcoming ToysRUs exclusives coming to you this fall.

According to RS, an internal ToysRUs presentation details a Vintage Collection packaged Return of the Jedi AT-AT and a Slave I with Han Carbonite. Will Hasbro do a double jackpot on Boba Fett's signature vessel by repainting the spectacular "Rise of Boba Fett" mold AND package it Vintage ESB style? One can only hope!

It also appears that those Ewok and Pilot multipack that was reported on earlier this year will also be ToysRUs exclusives.

Stay tuned for additional info as more will be revealed next month at Comic-Con! Click here for the full report!