LEGO Case and Playmats for 2011

By Mike — Thursday, October 7, 2010

LEGO is releasing a new Star Wars Zip Bin Battle Bridge and TIE Figher Zip Bin in 2011. Each case can be converted into their own play environments and battle mats for your LEGO Star Wars mini figures.  Click here for the whole story at


440 LEGO Battle Bridge Zip Bin  

441 LEGO TIE Fighter Zip Bin



LEGO !!!!!

huge lego fan so when i saw these cases I said that's the perfect case to hold all of my loose lego pieces (instead of in the huge cardboard boxes and shoeboxes that they currently reside in)....

what would really make these cases extra special would be if they came with some exclusive figures and perhaps a small scale ship or vehicle (kinda like the Target Christmas/Easter sets).....