Image Bank: VC09 Boba Fett

By Mike — Monday, September 13, 2010

For VC09 Boba Fett, Hasbro updates last year's BD36 (which in turn was an update of the Evolutions Fett), gives it a more authentic paint refresh, and tweaked the helmet to make it a little more movie accurate. We can nitpick about wrist articulation and giving him a Jeremy Bulloch as Chuck Norris head, but this figure coupled with the awesome vintage packaging needs to be on your hunt list if you can find one. It really is the best Fett yet. Post your comments and let us know what you think!


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This is my first movie-based

This is my first movie-based Fett since 2003's Carkoon version. I love it. The helmet being too narrow is caused by deforming over the sculpted head. Give it a squish while removed and it's a dead-on sculpt!

Latest "Vintage" Boba Fett

I already have the Evolutions Boba Fett - with and without the chest decal - so no amount of repainting or "helmet tweaking" will ever make me want to purchase Boba Fett again (discounting the Vintage mailaway version, of course). Making this decision even more convenient is that I've only seen 3 of them in the wild. I've plenty of other "rareties" to sweat ... so I leave this Fett iteration to all you "super" collectors! :)

VC09 Boba Fett

"and tweaked the helmet to make it a little more movie accurate"
- I don't know what you are talking about. I have bought at least three of these figures and swear the only difference between this version and the previous is the paint colours. Otherwise the "battledamage" is the same.

However, only now and then does there seem to be a figure that looks like it has a wider helmet. But the same could be said of the earlier evolutions figure, as some of the latter packs would have helmets that have been stuck on the clone head in a way that it made it look wider.

Bravo Hasbro on the paintwork of the guns, but as we can see the next revision of this figure with the filled in line on the boots and the black colouring of the "inner cheek of the helmet", the colours of the weapons gets missed again. Also the cape is still left long enough for the other bounty hunters to put the step on him, in case Boba's in the lead - Pre Vizla is the way to go!

oh yeah with your clear photos, you can see that the tampo chest insignia is reversed! It seem that we could get constant upgrades to this figure until Hasbro finishes it's contract with LFL.

Vintage Boba Fett

So I'm thinking about getting him...that is if i can find him on the pegs in mint condition and leaving him mint to display next to my so to be complete Mando wall...

he's such a cool character and one of the best versions ever made of the Fett man that I'd be happy if Hasbro never tried to update the figure. he really is a strong detailed figure that needs little to no improvment.