HasCon - Return of Star Wars The Vintage Collection

By Adam Pawlus — Friday, September 8, 2017

3362 While there's not much here you haven't heard of or seen teased, it's worth a look!  The Vintage Collection is back, and an exploded prototype of the Imperial Hover Tank shows an incredibly high piece count for the vehicle, which is sure to have a price to match.  Snoke is here with his gold bathrobe and slippers, and massive head wound, and missing jaw chunk.  Who does he think he is, Karloff?  Read on for more!Snoke is here, and is one of three known versions of the figure so far. He has cloth robes and massive head wounds.  I do not believe he was modeled after Massive Head Wound Harry, though.


Rey, Jyn Erso, a Rebel Hoth Solider, a First Order Soldier, and singing group Rilo Kiley were among the previously announced figures for the returning 3 3/4-inch line - due next Fall, I believe, post-Han Solo.  Unless that movie is delayed, of course.


It's all about the packaging.


The Hover Tank is no slouch either - the first (only) The Vintage Collection vehicle is shown in a mock-up that's about the size of a laptop or large tablet, next to all of the individual parts that will make up this very expensive vehicle - with no electronics or pack-in figure.  It's gorgeous, though, and may be Hasbro's most ambitious effort in delivering a vehicle to 3 3/4-inch figure collectors.   This means you need to buy it, or at least make a fuss, but buy it because we need more than one.


The previously revealed Imperial Hover Tank Pilot will be sold separately.