Hasbro Posts Mail-In Prototype Boba Fett Offer Details

By Adam Pawlus — Monday, September 5, 2011

The wait is over! And by over, I mean just starting because Hasbro posted the form and the details of this year's mail-in Boba Fett offer.  You can click through to read it, or read below for the notes on what will (or won't) be accepted.So which Star Wars figure UPCs should you use?


All of them.  I don't know if this is a response to the confusion from previous years, but the form says "Be sure to include the UPC codes from any 5 figures from Hasbro's Star Wars action figure collections, plus a check or money order for shipping & handling."

Seeing as how mail-in figures are now a premium product which we're charged for-- this one is $6.99-- this is a reasonable change.  It used to be mail-in figures were used to help retailers clear out old stock, now it seems that the intent is to just have a new direct-to-consumer product... which may also help clear shelves.

The offer expires March 31, 2012 but since you can use any and all UPCs now you really have no excuse in waiting to send off for this one.

What stores can these offers be found?

Is there any word on where these offered figures can be found? I found that at a Kmart but that one store is it so far. I looked online and I see that they require a form from one of the figures that come with a form. So you can not just print on out.