GHR: Black Series at Target

By Mike — Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Black Series 6 and 3.75 inch assortments have also been spotted at Target stores in Southern California. That's two places to start hitting, hunters. The 6 inch series is only shipping one case per store, and at 1 per case, will be tough finding during these early shipments. Any reports for Walmart or K-Mart? Be sure to send them in and Happy Hunting!





I found the 3 3/4 inch Black Series figures for $9.99 at Target in Southern California.  Sad part is all the cards were damaged. 
I also see that the 6 inch figures are on the Toy's R Us website and you can pre-order them at buy one get one half price which isn't bad except for the shipping costs and the fact that I have never had any luck getting mint condition items from them.  Usually all boxes are damaged when you order from Toy's R Us.
I found the remains of these at Target north of the San Diego airport this morning. 

I stopped by my local Target yesterday in Apple Valley California and
found the complete wave (with multiples of a few) of The Black Series
3.75" figures! No sign of the 6" figures yet but it's a good start!

Thanks for the reports, guys!