Figure of the Day: Day 1,460

By Adam Pawlus — Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hey kids, it's Scorch!  The first-ever Republic Commando figure came out in 2006, in ancient history when figures didn't always have 14 points of articulation.  He was hot stuff-- want to see why?  Read on!


perhaps one of my favorite figures from the Saga series... loved it when it came out and still have a soft spot for the figure today. I currently own 2 of Scorch as well as the entire Delta Squad, the Special Ops Commando's and the all White Comic pack Commando's (bought 4 of the pack to make a squad)...

so looking forward to seeing these guys in action on the CW series and looking forward to seeing Hasbro perhaps give us both an Animated commando as well as a super articulated Commando Squad


Hey Adam, do you consider the first edition of Scorch, from his original wave with the blue holographic mini-figure rarer or more valuable than the re-release in later waves with the red mini figure?

As far as I know (other than

As far as I know (other than the silver UGH variants) most fans aren't really considering these holo variants as worth paying extra for.


Thanks for the reply, I love your site, probably the only one I visit religously! And I do order from E.E. often, for your job security of course!