Concept Armor Boba Fett: 40,000 More En Route

By Adam Pawlus — Saturday, September 20, 2014

Steven Anne is the toy buyer for Walgreens, and on Twitter he confirms solid cases of 8 Concept Armor Boba Fetts are coming in November.  The 6-inch Black Series action figure is in circulation now, potentially mixed with other Star Wars characters like Luke, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, and a redeco Sandtrooper which should be in stores elsewhere real soon.  He writes:

So for those of you who hate doing math, that means that in addition to the thousands (if not tens of thousands) in circulation right now, 40,000 more units are hitting stores come November.  That may be a few more than the marketplace actually needs, but the good news is you'll be covered and so will your trading buddies in the UK and Australia.

While Hasbro has not historically disclosed edition sizes on its products, case markings on some recent Target exclusives suggested runs in the 30,000 range - so it's possible that the current market for 6-inch figures is much larger than the market for 3 3/4-inch guys was even a couple of years ago.  Or they've got high hopes for the holiday toy buying season, as they probably should - Walgreens is a favorite stop for last-minute toy buying for people who didn't plan ahead, and the key difference lately is that a) they have more and better stuff, and b) the prices seem to be going down a bit.

Anyway, Steven, nicely played - we'll be watching your career with great interest.

And what of the .com orders?

Any word on when the orders will start shipping out?

I believe the original ETA

I believe the original ETA was October, so not likely until October/November I would wager.