Comic-Con: Lucasfilm Pavilion Image Bank

By Mike — Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Lucasfilm Pavilion was the usual hotbed of activity with lots to see and shop, and unless you had an aversion for crawling, slithering, reptiles like a certain world hopping fedora wearing archeologist, then the live snake display touting the release of the Indiana Jones series on Blu-ray was certainly a highlight.






Several custom made helmets for the As You Wish Project to benefit charity were displayed including a very cool animated Boba Fett, which we assume is what was left of  him after spending a  thousand years being slowly digested in the Sarlaac pit.  According to Lucasfilm's Mary Franklin, over 50 with of these custom helmets will be on display at Celebration VI by artists ranging from WETA to Jim Lee.



ILM had an amazing tributed to the legendary Ralph McQuarrie that included two walls full of his Star Wars sketches and concept art. There were even some models on display of the alien robots he designed for Batteries Not Included. An ILM McQuarrie Vader button was also being given out at their table that was one of our favorite freebies from the show.




There was plenty to buy shopping wise, but our absolute favorite was the new Comic Images Chewbacca leather messenger bag they were selling for $75 each. The bandolier like strap and good quality leather is a must have for Star Wars fans. Look for a couple of Galactic Hunters toting this around at CVI.




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