Target's Galaxy's Edge Millennium Falcon - In Stock

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, August 30, 2020

3859 If memory serves the big Millennium Falcon debuted for about $180 in 2008, about 12 years ago, as part of Star Wars: The Legacy Collection.  At the time, we thought it was the final "midnight madness," and possibly the beginning of the end - it wasn't. The ship had ups and downs, and got reissued in Toys R Us-exclusive a few years later was $250 thanks to increases in labor and materials costs.

Click here to check availability at  As of right now it is expected to be online only due to cost and size.  Will it go on sale later?  Well, given its high price, we don't have a precedent for knowing the edition size.

Today, its reissue is - I think - Hasbro's most expensive non-HasLab item ever released for Star Wars if not of all time at $399.99.  It includes Hondo Ohnaka (coming soon as a single figure), Chewbacca, a gaggle of Porgs... and some special modifications.   There's a new switch that lets you throw between classic sound effects and new Jim Cummings as Hondo Ohnaka lines.  There's a new radar dish - so you can switch between classic round and new pan dish styles.   Other changes may be in there.... but I haven't had a chance to do a side-by-side review yet.

It is my sincere hope this remains the most expensive non-HasLab release of all time - but a lot can happen in a few years.