Some Notes on the Hasbro HasLab Star Wars: The Vintage Collection The Ghost Vehicle

By Adam Pawlus — Sunday, July 23, 2023

Better late than never! I've been speculating/predicting this for a couple of years, but at SDCC Hasbro confirmed the HasLab Star Wars The Vintage Collection The Ghost vehicle/playset. For $499.99, you get a ship that seems to be a little bigger than the big Millennium Falcon, the Phantom II, a slug/no-legs Chopper droid, and a carded Hera Syndulla figure. As I write this, it has just under 45 days to go and is 7,231 of 8,000 backers. But there's more to it than that.

Does it fit your old Star Wars Rebels figures? Sadly, I wasn't able to ask and am still catching up with con coverage - but Razor Crest and the Sail Barge were both designed with seats that work with Kenner-style action figures. So, let's hope.

Does it fit the old Hasbro Phantom mini-vehicle from a few years ago? No, I did ask and was flat-out told it does not fit. Stylistically, they do not match. Hopefully Hasbro will make a new, separately boxed Phantom in the next year or two for that purpose. Maybe with another exclusive figure or two.

Are the figures exclusive? Based on the language, Hasbro seems to be saying the cardbacks are exclusive - so I assume most if not all of the Hera, Ezra, Kanan, and Zeb figures will be sold separately at a later date on variant packaging.

What figures will be lost, like tiers in rain, if it is not funded fully? 17,000 must sell for you to get all the figures in the box. Zeb is 17,000. Kanan is 14,000. Ezra is 11,000. I assume Sabine was left out due to a deluxe Vintage Sabine coming shortly and not wanting to cut into her sales.

Are you going to buy one, Adam? Yeah, it's big enough with a detailed interior and enough features that I think I'll actually get to play with it. But that always comes at a cost - and for me I'll be making up the revenue by skipping some more The Black Series and selling off some other toys. This looks worth the "sacrifice," and I assume the kids who grew up with Rebels aren't old enough to be able to afford this yet. Kids ages 4-11 in 2014 are 13-20 now - if anything, Hasbro may have released this one too soon to maximize any "kid-turned-collector" audience, but us old farts will probably buy at least one (or two) to sell later. Not me though, I don't got that kind of appetite for risk or space to spare.