Image Bank: VC19 Clone Commander Cody

By Mike — Sunday, August 29, 2010

Let's cut to the chase and address the action figure netgulators. Yes, the VC19 Clone Commander Cody's antenna is corrected to silver and they also corrected the belt. We have the photos in our Image Bank to back it up. Other than that, the ROTS vintage cardback is really nice so you should go and pick one up! 

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Vintage Clone Commander Cody

Well, thanks to your helpful description - particularly regarding the corrected belt and the corrected antenna paint job - I'm gonna go ahead and splurge on the vintage Cody. Of course, that means the original LC version (BD44) of Cody may soon end up on my chopping block - or, more likely, in the clutches of some lucky eBay buyer (someday, hopefully).

I admit, however, that I take issue with the wrong picture of the "original" Cody action figure (TSC-024) being used on the back of the card. That's not the figure being updated, as we all know. Hasbro is simply "correcting" a couple of mistakes on the LC's version.

I understand why Hasbro didn't use the picture of BD44 on the back of the card, of course. Sharp-eyed parents might catch a glimpse of it and tell their kid, "Hey, didn't we just buy this one earlier this year?"

Yes, mom and dad, you did. Surprise.