Image Bank: VC17 General Grievous

By Mike — Wednesday, September 1, 2010

VC17 General Grievous is a must collect to turn loose and wreak havoc on your Jedi and Republic forces.  Besides being a superior and definite interpretation in plastic of the Separatist general, Hasbro added sartorial points in the form of inner cape pockets for wallet, Blackberry, Mets tickets, and a couple of lightsabers.  And he's correctly scaled to boot!

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Vintage General Grievous

So, other than the fabulously detailed cloth cape, is this an all-new mold of Grievous or an existing one? If the latter, then which mold? I'm going to buy it regardless, but only because of the cape. So how 'bout it? What the dilly-o with the mold???

It's TLC BD22 Grievous with

It's TLC BD22 Grievous with an updated paint app. The awesome cape completes him.

It's TLC BD25 ...

... just in case anyone else was confused (as I was). Thanks, Mike.