Image Bank: VC11 Cloud Car Pilot

By Mike — Sunday, September 26, 2010

VC11 Cloud Car Pilot catches us up in our Vintage Collection Image Bank. This version of the pilot shares the same design schematic as the vintage version. What it doesn't share is the groovy stache so hip in Disco era Cloud City fashion. We're hoping for a running change head variant for a little more diversity in our Bespin aerial security detail. What say you in our comment box?



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Cloud Car Pilot

A great figure though I'd have to agree with the earlier comment. I'll buy a variant just to have 2 of these guys to fly the Cloud Car but, he's more for back ground fodder than anything. Great articultation and sculpt.

The new cloud car pilot

Actually, this Cloud Car Pilot is not really the pilot, but the gunner in the right pod. Notice the Cloud Car model has the character with the mustache in the right pod, and the left pod has the non-mustache version, aka the vintage version and the 2004 version.

I understand Hasbro needed to

I understand Hasbro needed to release this guy in conjunction with the new cloud car, but really, does this say vintage nearly as much as a new security guard with a stache? The b.a.d versions of the guard were awful and a far cry from what collectors were looking for.
Because of this release, I'm fairly certain the Has doesn't have any plans on releasing a collectors hot ticket sales item with a new vintage friendly Bespin Security Guard.
The last release of this pilot was fine, if not perfect. I understand the need for articulation, but this guy wasn't high on our lists.
This is another case of Hasbro getting it backwards. Should have made the Cloud Car pilot the b.a.d. and gave us a more throw back security guard in the vintage line.
To define this one.... Stereotypical Highway Patrolman wearing a space suit. I think Buck Rogers uniform with dishwashing gloves.

Had to go find it

Cloud Car Pilot.

I haven't picked up this guy yet at retail and not sure if I'm going to spend the $$ for him...while he is a nice update to this classic figure, the fact that we really don't see the pilot anywhere else except for a quick glance at the cloud car and the packaging art for the recent ship, it's just a character that does not hold anything special for me.

Still he's a solid figure that has some nice detail from what i can see, so if I catch a really good sale and he's still on the pegs then maybe I'll grab one.