Image Bank: VC10 4-LOM

By Mike — Friday, September 24, 2010

It's back to the future for VC10 4-LOM, where you play a slight premium for the retro vintage card and nothing else, like the coin from the 2007 TAC release. He's today's addition in our Image Bank. Please post your comments! 


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It was disappointing this one

It was disappointing this one didn't get a quick paint fix. He should be black rather than brown/gray. Just shy of perfection, I think.

Vintage 4-Lom

was never really a huge fan of 4-Lom (or Zuckuss if you prefer the Kenner misprint) so it was an easy pass for me on this figure... I have the updated 2007 TAC figure (which is the same as the recent recarded Vintage one0 so I'm all set.