Image Bank: VC07 Dack Ralter

By Mike — Saturday, September 11, 2010

In the Star Wars universe, when one makes an assessment of a particularly dire situation, like, oh say, an impending land battle with a superior Imperial force, you're better off saying "I have a bad feeling about this" rather than an over exuberant "feeling you can take on the whole Empire" yourself. VC07 Dack Ralter features a whole new head sculpt and some recycled parts from previously released pilots. Make sure to post your comments!



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Vintage Dack Ralter

I bought Dack Ralter for three reasons:

(1) I don't have one (if other versions even exist).
(2) It's a first-time release on a Vintage card back.
(3) I guess I like the various iterations of Rebel pilots.

Basically, this was a nice TESB surprise figure in the first wave of Hasbro's 2010 Vintage line. More to say, I have not.

Dak is the Man !

LordEdzo, there was a Dack figure made back in the Saga days and came with the Walmart Exclusive Battle Damaged Snowspeeder (included both Luke and Dak using the POTF Wedge body).

i boought Dak as well since he is a nice welcome to the long list of recent pilots that Hasbro has made for the fans over the years and he has one of my all time favorite lines in ESB.

"Right now I feel like I can on the Whole Empire by myself."