Image Bank: VC06 See-Threepio (C-3PO)

By Mike — Friday, September 10, 2010

In designing VC06 See-Threepio (C-3PO), Hasbro had to find middle ground between authenticity and play value. The all new figure has a great sculpt, articulation, and more prominently, cool removable panels to reveal his droid innards. But to allow this feature, Hasbro compromised his shiny golden-ness by relinquishing the vac metal deco. Did they do the figure justice? Post your comments and check out the photos!


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Too far out of left field.

If you bend his torso all the way back the black midsection is visible and he doesn't look half bad. He would be completely acceptable to me IF his arms and both legs could be removed. It's his left leg he holds while on the Falcon in Empire, not his right. This 3PO has no place to fit in to my collection.

Too bad. It's a great figure.

Too bad. It's a great figure. He's a little on the short side but, man he looks great disassembled, stuffed in the carrying net and placed on the back of the newer Chewbacca sculpt. Wow.

Vintage C-3PO

I only collect the figures, I don't open them, so the "removable panels" feature was not a decision factor in my purchase of yet another C-3PO. The negative feature is the figure's height - or, should I say, the lack thereof. Hasbro may say it's correct, but Threepio looks too short to me. However, the overridingly positive feature is, in fact, the absence of "shineyness." I don't have a Threepio like this; therefore, I needed to own one.

Let it Shine!

I think it's great that it has all the removable panels and reveals 3po's inners. But, to me, he needs to be shiny and polished. All the versions Hasbro has produced that didn't have the high shine never seemed like C3PO. Just Jabba's dungeon accessories.

I like the idea, thanks for the effort, but give me a highly articulated movie accurate C3PO and I'll be impressed. Thanks!

New C-3PO

I'm impressed with this new Threepio. In the movies, he wasn't always shiny, except at the end of the films. His finish was dull for practical concerns that it could reflect the camera, crew and studio lights.
The figure is properly scaled, since Anthony Daniels is not very tall. The original vintage figures were not scaled properly to each other. Some have complained that this new figure is too short, but it appears to be just right.


Have to say this figure was a pleasant surprise with the amount of detail, new scale and hidden goodies... i love the removable panel features and the fact that you can remove the head as well as the back electrical compartment...

this threepio makes a great chose to use in Bespin dioramas and is a great figure to use to recapture the classic scene in Empire when Chewbacca re-assembles the damaged golden droid.

another great figure by Hasbro..