Image Bank: VC05 AT-AT Commander

By Mike — Tuesday, September 7, 2010

He's no Max Veers, but a homage to the generic AT-AT Commander of the Kenner days of yore. VC05 AT-AT Commander's armor can be removed to reveal a detailed Imperial issued officer's wear underneath, and you can certainly swap heads for army building purposes. We wished that Hasbro had included an officer's cap, but that doesn't diminish what is one of the better executed figures of this wave. Post your comments and let Hasbro know what you think!


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another great figure in the

another great figure in the first Vintage line (also another Commander to command our Blizzard Squad AT-AT's)

would have loved if they made the head sculpt similiar to General Veers from the Saga line so that he could be posed in other displays with his cap on.

still a great figure to add to the collection and definately worth picking up.

Vintage AT-AT Commander

This is my second-favorite figure in Wave 1, after Leia (Hoth Outfit). I guess it's because it has a "bulky solidness" that appeals to me. It's difficult to explain. You wouldn't think that a figure painted gray and black would hold any appeal, but it does for me. Great job, Hasbro.