Image Bank: VC03 Han Solo (Echo Base Outfit)

By Mike — Monday, September 6, 2010

While Hasbro has captured the likeness of Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher, they sometimes struggle with Harrison Ford. VC03 Han Solo (Echo Base Outfit)'s headsculpt is fairly decent, but not the best. He does come with cool welding accessories and Patagonia-ish cold weather jacket along with some recycled parts, so he's definitely worth picking up. Here's hoping that the rumored "ultimate" Bespin version is the bees knee's. Thoughts on the new Han? Make sure to post your comments!

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Vintage Han Solo (Echo Base Outfit)

I'd made up my mind to pass on this one because I thought it was basically the VTSC Han Solo (Hoth Outfit) with the hood down and the jacket open. However, it's an entirely new figure altogether. The paint job is sharp, which is what changed my mind ... but I also think the legs are too "spindly." Regardless, I'm happy I changed my mind and I recommend that collectors pick this one up.

still on the fence with this

still on the fence with this one figure from the line...not sure if I'm going to buy this one or not..would have rather Hasbro give us the SA Bespin Han Solo that alot of us have been asking for.

echo base han

If it wasn't for this figure and Sidious, the new vintage collection would be a huge bore. All repaints and rescultps make me go something something...