Image Bank: CW33 Embo

By Mike — Saturday, November 20, 2010

Inspired by Kurosawa, the samurai-esque Kyuzo bounty hunter Embo includes an articulated bowcaster, throwing knives, a boatload of paint detail, and plenty of bushido spirit (or is that boshuda?). The excellent “Bounty Hunters” episode in Season 2 had plenty of nods to Seven Samurai, which in turn was one of Lucas’ inspirations for Star Wars

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The Clone Wars (Season 2)
Sequence: CW33
Asst. 21468/94736
Includes: Bowcaster, throwing knives, removable hat and shoulder plate, figure stand, character card, Galactic Battle Game die.
Feature: includes Bowcaster!
Retail: $6.99 to $7.49
Released: November 2010

Bio:  Embo is a bounty hunter hired to protect Felucian farmers from pirates. Working with three other bounty hunters, Embo guards the village's valuable spice crop. But his small group os outnumbered by the pirate gang, and reluctantly accepts the help of Jedi who arrive at the village after their ship crashes on Felucia. [MORE IMAGES]    


Awesome, I really really hope

Awesome, I really really hope they make the little guy in the battlesuit to go with him. The Zabrak girl would be nice too.