Image Bank: CW08 Pre Vizsla

By Mike — Monday, September 27, 2010

VC08 Pre Vizsla is next up in our Image Bank. The leader of the Death Watch comes well equipped with double WESTAR-35 blaster pistols and a darksaber that will lead that newly released Mandalorian Warrior Battle Pack quite nicely. Make sure to post your comments! 



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I'm normally of the Boba Fett

I'm normally of the Boba Fett is a lone wolf, mystery man camp and we don't need to overexplain Mandalorians. But Vizsla is an awesome figure based on a great Clone Wars episode. This figure is one of the better if not the best of the 2010 TCW assortment so far.

On on another note, great posts and comments so far! I really enjoy reading them. Thanks for visiting the site and trying out the new system!

I don't collect Clone Wars...

I don't collect Clone Wars... but Vizsla is the second figure I've purchased from the line. Too cool!


This is an awesome figure!! Spot on sculpt!!! One of my favorite episodes too. The Death Watch are the coolest!! Now we need a full sized darksaber PLEASE!!!!

Pre Vizsla

Initially the most difficult-to-find figure in Wave 1, it's now fairly common. I love it so much that I bought a 2nd one to open (and because I needed the UPC to send away for Sgt. Bric - always an ulterior motive!). It's now standing on my bookcase with its cape draped over the right arm, and the darksaber is awkwardly stowed in one of the holsters (cuz Pre Vizsla's blasters are "rubber-banded" to its hands, and I don't wanna mess with that).

We've been waiting for the Mandalorian onslaught for decades, and this was a great start.

Pre Vizsla = Awesome

This is perhaps one of my all time favorite episodes from the Clone Wars and the fact that Hasbro was kind enough to give us this awesome Pre Vizsla action figure in the Clone Wars line, now I can relive the episode again and again......

Vizsla is full of articulation and detail and the inclusion of the Dark Saber is just plain awesome... Can't wait to find the upcoming Mandolorian battlepacks and Deluxe Mandolorian and Speeder Bike set to get the full effect of the Clone Wars Mando's....

these are going to look great next to the new CW Slave 1 and Boba Fett figure.

Way to Go Hasbro another amazing figure.