GHR: TRU Exclusive, Black Series, and Army Men are Fun

By Mike — Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The dark days of staring at the same old Black Series 6" Leia and Greedo appear to be over as stores are beginning to receive new stuff for Back To School. Stopped by the Chandler, AZ ToysRUs today and found the new TBS Deluxe Jabba and Biker Scout with Speederbike as well as their new and much maligned exclusive Battle on Endor set.



The new deluxe 6" assortment ($39.99) is not a bad proposition for the Scout and Speeder. For an extra $20, you get a small vehicle. Jabba apparently has a lot of tooling for added movement, but Hasbro not being able to budget in a wagging tongue is a shame. The details and paint on both are quite amazing though, and if you were hesitant before to jump in the 6" line, now's the time to do it as it's picking up some momentum in design and quality.




Reissued figures or not, the Battle on Endor set ($99.99) does offer value for 8 figures and a vehicle. The AT-ST looks to be the same deco (with nose "slash") as the K-Mart TVC exclusive from 2012. Hopefully, the inability for that version to stand on its own has been corrected. All 8 figures have previously been released in one assortment or another, although you may spot some deco variations here and there.




Finally, do yourself a favor and pick up one of the Star Wars Command Battle Packs ($4.99 for 9 figures). They're cheap and dispensible, and by dispensible, I mean line them up for BB Gun practice or run them over with some Hot Wheels. As kids, sometimes destroying and creating havoc was a lot of fun, and these look to be suited for rugged play. They feature great paintless sculpts on their own, so you can display them beautifully in a small or large diorama without breaking the bank. These are very collectible with exclusive figures in each pack. You (and or your kids) can do a lot of things with the Command figures, including PLAY and have FUN with them. In an age of instant gratification and social detachment, isn't that a novel concept?




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