Star Wars Hot Wheels SDCC Darth Vader Packaged in Lightsaber

By Adam Pawlus — Wednesday, June 11, 2014

In the never-ending arms race between Mattel and Hasbro for coolest collector exclusive at Comic-Con, one thing Mattel tends to really nail well is packaging.  How can you take a $1-$4 die-cast metal car and make it $40?  Easy - make a nice box, like this Darth Vader Die-Cast Metal Car revealed at the USA Today today.

Not content to be merely interesting, this one has a die-cast car, in a lightsaber, which is in itself in a very nice box.  The hefty material used for these boxes tends to impress, and I've bought a few of these over the years myself - they're really something.  More products are going to be coming later, but this isn't a bad starter.