The Clone Wars Season 4 Premiere Tonight (You Missed It)

By Adam Pawlus — Friday, September 16, 2011

In light of new toys shipping, the Blu-Ray bonanza, and everything else going on which may or may not involve a certain blonde star's backside on a cell phone, you no doubt forgot that the two-part season premiere of The Clone Wars aired on Cartoon Network earlier tonight.

It should be repeat on the network tomorrow, and if history is any indication it will be streaming on the official site in a matter of days.  It will air early in the morning on Saturday-- so if you're up right now, set those DVRs--and the next episode after that is new, so you don't have as many chances to catch encore airings so far.  What the heck, Cartoon Network?  I thought we were pals!

Why set DVRs now?

If you had the DVR set for previous seasons shouldn't it have picked up the fact that the new episodes were on?

Depends on the DVR. Not all

Depends on the DVR. Not all of them are "smart," the whole season pass thing isn't necessarily on every box out there.