Vote Star Wars - The Vintage Collection Fan's Choice Poll Finalists

By Adam Pawlus — Saturday, April 29, 2017


The voting for the Fan Choice poll is up now!  Interestingly, Ben Skywalker did not make the cut, and Emperor Palpatine - who got 0 votes here and I don't believe I saw on anyone else's top 6 - did.  Well, at press time Doctor Aphra (Marvel) and Ahoka (Rebels) are tied for the lead, so click here to vote for them or not!  If history is any indication, a close vote usually means we get both figures.

Did a compilation of the

Did a compilation of the lists from JediDefender. Should be accurate, 20 of the 23 sites they listed. Palpatine & Fives both were lists. 2 for Palpatine, 4 for Fives. The top 6 (by my count):

Tonnikas - 13
Ben Skywalker - 11
Yakface - 10
Pong Krell - 8
Sim Aloo - 6
Dr. Aphra - 6

And since those top 2 were removed for whichever reasons, let's add the next three (as it's a tie) top vote getters.

Ahsoka (Rebels) - 4
Fives - 4
Luke Skywalker (Force Awakens) - 4

Jedi Temple Guard & Jaxxon both had 3. So one of them would be before Palpatine even. Yeah, chicanery at it's finest.

Palpatine (and Fives for that

Palpatine (and Fives for that matter) strike me as suspicious. Was Fives even on anyone's list? I do like Aphra, but my vote goes to Sim Aloo. Just finish the original 92 already.

I don't know about Palpatine,

I don't know about Palpatine, but the ARC Troopers did make a few lists. We got 1 vote each for Echo and Fives as ARC Troopers here. Based on some brief conversations I've had, I'm unsure if the original 92 (or 93, or 96, or 99 depending on what you count) are on the radar of the current crew. In the past I know I've overheard some people being told "Well, we already did a Dignitary. Two of them." (I voted Sim Aloo.)